Pick up play Court Etiquette
4 Main Courts at the pier"Location Changing"
 Placing your own personal lines on one of these four courts does not give you permission to refuse play to others. If you bring your own net and lines there are several other sets of pole in which you may set up your own private court on the beach if you wish. 
It is suggested that you seek a court where the level of play is similar to your own skill level if possible.
Be sure to inquire as to the waiting list of players and claim your spot in the order; call “downs”.
It is recommended that once you call “downs” on a net, stay close in order to keep play going without delay.
Once you are playing a game on any court, you no longer have “downs” on any other court, because if you’re playing you’re not waiting.
Courts are winner stays, until conceding the court or losing the court.
All players must be civil and courteous at all times.

Where to play on the First Coast: 
Looking for pick up games? 
Here are the sites you may find a game.
Jax. Beach Courts
There are several sets of courts poles located on Jacksonville Beach.  We try to keep 4 nets available for public use.  The courts are just south of the Jacksonville Beach pier. 
South Beach Park, Jacksonville Beach
There are 3 courts at South Beach Park, located near the intersection of Osceola Drive and South Beach Parkway.  The city added these courts to the park in 2007, and they have been a great alternative when the weather on the beach itself is not optimal.
Jarboe Park, Neptune Beach
There are 2 courts in Jarboe Park which is at the intersection of A1A and Florida Blvd. in Neptune Beach.  The courts are on the far westside of the park.  The equipment has been provided by the city of Neptune Beach and are maintained by the city in conjunction with local players.

St.Augustine Beach
There are 6 courts set off the beach near the St. Augustine pier, adjacent to the pavillion.  These courts are lighted as well to provide nightime play opprtunities.